Top Nursing Gear | What to Buy, The Essentials for any Bedside Nurse

Here is my complete list of best nursing gear after 10+ years of bedside nursing. This is what you need to buy as a nurse and for a nurse – the best of the best. 

The Best Scrubs for Nurses

Quality Scrubs that you love to put on! In the 10+ years that I have been in the medical field, I have tried every brand of scrubs imaginable! One of the best and most flattering scrubs are always DOLAN. They are breathable, don’t stain when I sweat, stretchy, and comfy to wear for 12 or more hours! 



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♬ original sound – Nurse Meg RN

Most scrubs are boxy, thick and possibly made of brillo pads. lol. But for real, you know what I’m talking about. That’s why I only wear Dolan Scrubs! . Use Promo code:NURSEMEGRN15

The Best Stethoscope for Nurses

 You know you want a Stethoscope that can catch the crackles and murmur before the doctor does! You wanna be the most impressive nurse on your floor and take the best care of your patients. To better assess your patients, you are going to need the best stethoscope for nurses.

In my experience, Littmann has the best sound. I have damaged hearing from things that have happened in my past – and Littmann is the most clear and loudest. 

There are many models and version. You can buy the most expensive one but for floor nursing, the 3M Littmann Classic III Monitoring Stethoscope is the best for everyday use. It holds up for years, not too heavy to be wearing around your neck, and comes in a bunch of colors. 

I bought this one in my second year of nursing and I will use it FOREVER. 

The Best Watch for Nurses

You want a watch to count respiration, make sure you don’t miss lunch and that won’t get in your way in a code. That means a watch that you don’t wear on your wrist! You don’t want it hidden under your sweater or your gloves. And please stop wearing your iPhone watch to work. You’re getting it covered in disgusting germs and No, you’re not a spy kid. 


Get yourself a silicone watch that you can clip onto your scrubs so you can be a hands-free superhero nurse! Read more and see more photos of myself wearing them at work here: https://www.megforit.com/nursewatches/

The Best Hack for Nurses

Ever had a gross moment at work and wish you had some “support”? I NEED to introduce you to NOSA! NOSA menthol plugs is a discreet nose plug that efficiently reduces bad odor without affecting your breathing capacity! I always keep these in my locker and share them with my coworkers! 

Best Skin Care for Nurses

Herbal Face Food is the best face serum for nurses who are stressed, work long shifts and struggle with skin issues! Go to Herbalfacefood.com and use code MEGH20 for 20% off! 

Herbal Face Food | The secret to a good skin care routine to get flawless skin!

Most Inventive Accessory for Nurses | Tape Holder

The most creative accessory that you didn’t know you needed is this super cool Tape holder that slips onto your stethoscope. It comes in different colors. It was invented by a genius paramedic and I use it every shift. It makes an excellent stocking stuffer, BFF gift and present for all medical professionals. 

best accessory for nurses

The Best Compression Socks for Nurses

This here is the most controversial topic in healthcare today. lol. I have seen nurses raise their voice and stake their religious devotion to the HIDEOUS REPULSIVE Dansko shoes. If you want to roll your ankles then try out what a lot of the older nurses are using. 

But in my experience, you need good running sneakers and a great pair of compression socks. With this combo – your feet will be happy at the end of the most stressful shift. 

These are the best compression socks for nurses + they are ultra cute. 


Thanks for reading! I hope this helps you out. Remember I’ve got a ton of other nursing resources for ya on this website. First off, the #1 and best resource is this Guide to Bedside Nursing. It’s everything I’ve learned in the last 10 years of nursing, simplified so that anyone can become a proficient nurse. Make EKGs super easy, be confident in a code, get doctors to respect you and order what you want, give the best change of shift SBAR report and how to BEST manage your shift. Click the image and take a look.

Check out my course: HOW TO GIVE THE BEST REPORT.

The 8 Modules in this course teach you to: 

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