Top Habits of Successful Nursing Students


Have you ever wondered what habit influences a nursing student’s success?
Nursing as a career calls for several criteria that include academic skills. However, there are non-academic skills that usually help assess a student’s potential for the nursing profession.

As a nurse preceptor, I’ve assisted and educated students and encouraged them to be effective and reflective communicators throughout their clinical practice. Throughout the course, I’ve observed some habits that I believe play a huge role in the nursing students being successful in the program. Listed below are the top ones:

1)     To begin, you must adequately schedule your time.

Time management is critical for nursing students who want to succeed. The way you plan your time in nursing school will determine whether you pass or fail. Numerous students approach me to voice their concerns regarding their academic performance. However, I am aware that this is often the case due to their inability to work effectively within the constraints of short time.

Perhaps, this is possibly due to the following factors:

  1. Time for studies
  2. Time to spend with family
  3. Time to put your learning into practice in the skills lab
  4. Sleep and eating times

Have you ever tried to keep yourself on track with a precise timetable? How do you determine what you should do and when? To become a successful nursing student, you must implement the strategic plan at the appropriate time and in the proper manner.

2)     Organize yourself and set up a goal

Organizing yourself may help you in preparing for everything that may arise at any moment. Bear in mind that as a nursing student, you have a lot going on in your life, including classwork, clinical practice, and personal obligations.

It is possible to stay on top of your obligations if you organize yourself well. Additionally, establishing modest objectives and touchpoints along the way may help you to keep a feeling of fulfillment. Keeping your ultimate goal in mind as you maneuver through each of these obstacles can help you remain motivated throughout time.

3)     Effective communication 

You’ll always complete your schoolwork if you develop excellent listening habits and ask for assistance or more information when you need it.

4)     Critical thinking is necessary.

Your ability to assimilate a large amount of information and then make thoughtful, logical decisions based on what you’ve learned is a critical aspect of nursing. Maintaining a healthy critical thinking ability can assist you in various situations, from selecting the correct answer on a test to determining the best course of action to help any patient.

5)     Passionate

To summarize, among the top habits of successful nursing students is commitment. Ultimately, it would help if you understood that it is your enthusiasm that will propel you to success. Your passion for nursing and drive to help others will enable you to pursue a successful profession after graduation.


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