The Ultimate Guide to Studying & Passing the NCLEX EBOOK + VIDEO COURSE


No one else will teach you what I teach you!
Learn from nurses who write the questions for the NCELX!

What you will learn in this ebook + course | How to Pass the NCLEX

Do you want to pass the NCLEX – On your first attempt?

Most likely, you clicked here because you have some fear and anxiety surrounding your upcoming NCLEX exam. That is why I am here! Through this eBook you will learn tips that you can apply immediately to begin easing your fear and anxiety.

I show you how to study and what to study. this eBook shows you exactly what to eat the day before so you have the MAX amount of brain power. I also give you tips on what to wear in the testing center.

Most importantly I give you SURE FIRE ways to outsmart the NCLEX. These are tips to remember and help you get the maximum amount of questions right – even if you don’t know what the question is asking!

Table of Contents | How to Pass the NCLEX

I wanted to give you a screen shot of the table on contents to give you a better idea of the value of what you are buying. I break up the NCLEX prep into 3 phases. I tell you exactly how to study including practice questions from the actual test bank. I also tell you what to do the day before, including the best brain food to eat before an exam. I also give you practical tips to outsmart the NCLEX questions. I know this book will be beneficial to you.

You Can Pass on the First Attempt | How to Overcome Test Anxiety 

I have seen straight “A” nursing students crumble under the pressure and stress of the NCLEX and “C” students breeze through. Compared to what you have already been through, the NCLEX should not be that frightening. You have invested so much this far. Take one more step to ensure you cross the testing threshold with confidence.

But how is that possible? One side has the confidence and one is overrun with stress and anxiety. Be confident and set yourself up for success! 

This information in this ebook is for every student preparing to take the NCLEX. Truly, it is for every student preparing to take any test throughout your nursing journey.

Who am I? I’m Nurse Meg! 


I have spent the last 10 years growing and developing my skills as a Registered Nurse. So many hours spent pushing a WOW and standing bedside to countless patients.  Now I am here to share my knowledge with you!

Over the years I have polished my approach to teaching and growing the next generation of nurses. Now I am here to share that knowledge with you. I want you to be successful!

I have coached, been a preceptor to, and taught over 50 Student Nurses, Graduate Nurses, and newly transferred Registered Nurses. The truth is, once you become a Registered Nurse your journey as a student truly begins. I learn something new every single day!

This eBook explains the exact steps I took and will help ensure that YOU PASS the NCLEX on my First Attempt! 

Recent purchase: 

“I’ve seen you all over my TikTok feed and decided to purchase your book “How to Pass the NCLEX.” I took every piece of advice you suggested. I took my exam Feb 2021 and just received the news that….I PASSED THE NCLEX ON MY FIRST TRY!!! I truly believe that your book helped me to prepare and know how to answer the questions presented to me on the NCLEX.” – Alison RN

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  1. I was a LVN for 21 years in both acute and long term settings. I retired and want to renew my license. Is this e-book only for RN’s ir LPN’s

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