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Congrats new nurse, I am so proud of you that you have survived nursing school, passed the NCLEX, and now you are looking to get hired. I want to help you nail the interview process! Here are my best RN interview tips and tricks!

Who Am I? I’m a Nurse!

I would love to introduce myself. My name is Meg and I’ve been a nurse for 10 years with a BSN in Nursing from Florida International University. I have worked all over healthcare, from rehabs to Emergency rooms, Telemetry floors to Cardiovascular Step-down units. I’ve seen it all. Healthcare is a wonderfully exhausting and rewarding field, I absolutely love being a nurse and teaching other nurses how to be the best they can be.

Meg Harrell megforit.com

How an RN Interview will be Different

When you interview for a nursing position, you will likely be asked about your character, skills, and education. They will give you multiple scenarios to judge whether you are safe, humble, hard-working, and dependable.

What should I say in a nursing interview?

If you have any experience working in healthcare, mention that first. This shows the employer that you already come with skills. Mention if you worked as a server or waiting tables. You want the employer to know that you have patience, you can work quickly under pressure, and give great customer service to difficult people.



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