Proven Ways To Prevent Healthcare-Associated Infections

Every day, in the US healthcare system, about one in 31 patients are diagnosed with Healthcare-Associated Infections. This data provided by the Center for Disease Control has been able to point out the effect that HAI has on the country’s healthcare system. This data was gathered even with constant practices to curb the spread of this infection amongst patients, and although there have been changes, the menace is still prevalent. Now, most people get scared that bringing their loved ones to the hospital to treat an illness may result in them contacting another infection which may or may not affect them long-term.  

With this revelation, the CDC had put in place measures to curb the spread of these infections, and that is the reason for this article, as we intend to showcase ways to prevent HAI.


What are Healthcare-Associated Infections?

Healthcare-Associated Infections or HAI are any types of infection that a patient contracts while seeking medical care, which is different from their initial illness. HAI has been common in the US healthcare system and is usually contacted when a patient is admitted to any healthcare center. This infection which is usually contracted through a catheter, open wounds, or lungs, is caused by bacteria present in the healthcare facility. 

Ways to Prevent Healthcare-Associated Infections

There are several ways to tackle the menace, HAI, but we would focus on five credible methods. 

  1. Proper Hand Hygiene

To curb the spread of HAI, undertaking a regime of preaching proper hand hygiene is necessary. This method which is usually the fastest way to spread these infections can be tackled if most medical practitioners ensure that they wash their hands every time, even if they don’t contact a patient. Most times, infections can be passed around if a medical practitioner has come in contact with bodily fluids, being in patients surrounding, or undertaking a medical procedure. So to stop this spread, washing of hands before and after every fluidal contact, contact with a patient, and undertaking a medical procedure should be religiously practiced. Also, this is one of the cheapest and simplest ways to fight the spread of HAI.

  1. Provide Infection Sensitization

A great way to tackle the spread of HAI is to properly sensitize the patients and medical personnel on active ways to stop the spread. These sensitization programs may involve showing the patients what to avoid when in a medical space to prevent contracting infections. Also, using sanitized shoes from https://www.healthysole.com/  after working in infectious units can prevent the spread of these pathogens throughout the hospital by medics. Some commonly overlooked practices such as walking barefooted, and touching the surfaces indiscriminately, should be frowned at and stopped immediately. Instead, encourage frequent sanitization and handwashing This way, a safer and infectious-free environment can be possible.

  1. Providing an Infection Free Environment