How to Retake (& Pass) the NCLEX Easily!

Failed the NCLEX? Let me teach you how to prepare your mind AND body to FINALLY pass the NCLEX.

How could you have failed the NCLEX? You know you’re smarter than this.

It has NOT been an easy task trying to get information out of other nurses who did pass. → Not without sharing that you failed.

And there is no way you’re sharing you didn’t pass.

The NCLEX is just—A Test.

So why can’t you pass it like everyone else?

It’s a #fact that only 70% of nurses pass the RN NCLEX exam on the first try.

Those “other” NCLEX prep courses aren’t sharing the 1️⃣ thing that WILL help you pass.

Sure—they’re more than happy to throw tons & tons of practice questions at you. And make you study for 8 hours a day, 5 days a week—until the end of time. But—

They don’t have tips to prepare your Mind AND Body for the test.

And that is what you need to kick test nervousness to the curb & pass the NCLEX—once and for all!


♬ original sound – Nurse Meg RN

Hi, I’m Nurse Meg!

My life’s mission is to save this next generation of nurses! (Translation: to be your virtual Nurse Mama—or tutor.) 

As a nurse with 12+ years in the field, I realized nursing school trains you to create a
holistic, individualized plan of care for patients—but—that’s exactly what’s missing from NCLEX study guides.

Nurses aren’t failing the NCLEX—the NCLEX (& nursing schools) are failing nurses!

No one teaches you how to study, what a study schedule should look like, or share test taking strategies.

And they definitely don’t tell you how to handle your test nervousness (especially the kind that shows up after you fail).

I’ve made so many mistakes & learned lots of things the hard way. I don’t want you to ride that same struggle bus.

Ready to learn how you can strut out of that testing center—with more confidence than you ever had during nursing school?

Allow me to introduce…

The Best NCLEX Study Course

This is the NCLEX study guide for you, if:

  • other courses have failed you 
  • tests have never been your jam #Teststress
  • you are willing to do anything to pass the NCLEX at this point

When you buy NurseMeg’s NCLEX Study Guide, you get…

A Daily Study Schedule to follow for 30-40 days (Exactly what to do minute by minute everyday)
Videos & Printouts (for each step of your NCLEX journey)
NCLEX Content Lectures (Pharmacology, Basic Care & Comfort, Health Promotion & Maintenance, Psychosocial Integrity, & Physiological Adaptation)
Best Ways to Conquer Your Test Anxiety
Colorful Study Guides to Review all Nursing School Content (with graphics and memorization tips!)
Bimonthly zoom calls with me! (this is where you get 1:1 tutoring & I teach strategy LIVE on screen)
Guidance on Your Nursing Journey after the NCLEX (yes—there’s life after the NCLEX!)

With the help of NurseMeg’s NCLEX Prep Course you will—

  • Study the best way for the NCLEX—so you…
  • Ace the NCLEX with ease (& get those 2 letters on your name badge)
  • Master tips for dealing with test nervousness—to get grounded during the NCLEX
  • Stop feeling dumb because the NCLEX failed you
  • Discover things about yourself by taking the NCLEX
  • Learn to use what you do know so you pass the NCLEX (no stressing over what you may not know)
  • Feel supported throughout the studying & test taking process

Get The Best NCLEX Study Course today for $147


How long do I have access to the course?
3 MONTHS of access! I give you plenty of time to prepare, begin and utilize this program. 

+ What’s the pass rate of this course?
A: 99.9% pass rate—woot! We’ve had over 1200 students take this course.

+ Is there a refund?
A: YES. But! I’ll stick with you till the bitter end. You will pass the NCLEX! Keep me posted on your NCLEX journey—I truly want to know how each of my students are doing! * For a refund you must utilize the course in its entirety and show proof of not passing. So far, we haven’t had to do this! Not once!


@nursemegrn Over 1000 nurses made 💪🏻 The testimonials speak for themselves. #nclexprep ♬ Girl Dont do It, I Did It – Aurora

When you purchase this course (& become an NCLEX ninja):

You’ll receive a Welcome email, login information, & have immediate access to The Best NCLEX Study Course.

It’s strongly suggested that you bookmark the login page & download the ebook ASAP.

After that—you proceed with the course info at your own pace.