New Nurses: Why ACLS Certification is Important

If you’re a new nurse, it’s important to make sure you have the necessary certifications to provide quality care for your patients. One certification that’s essential for all nurses is ACLS. You’ve probably heard it and are planning to get certified – if you aren’t yet!

ACLS or Advanced Cardiac Life Support is a course that nurses and other medical professionals take to learn how to handle cardiac emergencies. ACLS helps to build on the skills learned in BLS (Basic Life Support) courses. It also provides nurses with additional tools and techniques to help save lives.

If you’re a new nurse, how does this benefit you and why getting certified is important? Keep reading to find out!

Confidence to Handle Emergency Situations

ACLS is not just a certification that your state or employer may require but it certainly can teach you the skills you need to save lives. Nurses who have a certification can work in high-pressure environments and recognize life-threatening conditions. Even if you’re not working in a critical care unit, ACLS can give you the confidence you need to handle any emergency situation.

Stand Out from Other Applicants

Earning your ACLS certification not only makes you a better nurse but also sets you apart from other job applicants when looking for work within the medical field. Here are just a few reasons why – being ACLS certified:

  • demonstrates your dedication to the nursing profession.
  • shows that you’re committed to patient safety.
  • proves that you have the necessary skill set to provide critical care.

Helps in Career Advancement

Having this important credential proves that you have the necessary skills and knowledge to provide critical care to patients in a variety of settings. In addition to improving your job prospects, ACLS certification can also lead to higher pay and greater opportunities for professional growth.

Get ACLS Certified

ACLS certification is a great way to start your nursing career on the right foot. If you’re ready and looking for ACLS certification courses, there are lots offered online like ACLS.com.

I would recommend ACLS.com as they are nationally accredited to provide ACLS, BLS, Neonatal Resuscitation and PALS certification courses. They’re the largest online provider of emergency life support certification training – they have helped tens of thousands of providers improve patients’ outcomes.

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If you’re getting a BLS or PALS certification instead, click here:
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And there you have it. I hope this article has helped give you a little more insight why ACLS certification is important for us nurses. Cheering you on towards a meaningful and successful career as a nurse!

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  1. So how do I get the hands on part of the class for these certifications. My hospital requires a hands on component.

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