My Top Tips for Getting Through Your First Year as a Nurse

Getting through your first year as a nurse seems to be a different stage of life following your NCLEX.As the saying goes, the most excellent teacher is one who has experience. My undergraduate degree served as the basis for my nursing education, and my first nursing job taught me what it meant to be a nurse, including what to do and what not to do in many circumstances.

It is possible to have many frightening, amazing, and even crazy experiences as a new nurse on the floor. Indeed, your professional nursing career begins after graduating from nursing school and receiving your license. 

Preparation for this phase is fundamental so let me share with you my top tips for getting through your first year as a nurse!

Several scenarios that you may encounter as a new hired nurse

l  Environmental risks, such as exposure to cold and flu germs and other bacteria and viruses, may present difficulties in the nursing profession.

l  Senior medical staff expecting you to already know everything.

l  As a newly graduated nurse, you may have difficulty handling some pieces of equipment, as the school does not provide all of the necessary equipment.

l  Work-related injuries are common for new nurses. Back injury is one of the most systematic risksin the job.

l  Long hours is another challenge you may face; sometimes, you may need to work overtime.

How to get through your first year as a new graduate nurse 

l  Do your best, start with your skills, and work your way up. Ensure that you are well-organized and plan to ensure that you remain so.

l  Learning and implementing good time management is critical in any work, and it is necessary for the medical profession; learn to manage your time effectively.

l  Nursing students and professionals are reflective practitioners, accompany what you do with the question. Have your pen, paper, and patient record close at hand when contacting your doctor.

l  Pay attention to drug interactions, warnings for important indications and adverse events.

l  Don’t simply remember the activities you have to do; make sure you understand why you are doing them in the first place.

l  Mistakes are inevitable. However, it is unethical to cover them and endanger someone’s health. Should an incident happen, report it right away.

l  Take action when anything unusual occurs with a patient of another nurse. It’s an excellent way to strengthen a positive work environment and rapport while also gaining experience.

l  Get to know your colleagues and socialize with them. It’ll make your shifts more fun!

I hope you find these tips helpful. As a new graduate nurse, you represent the future of nursing. So go on and take as much experience as you can to eventually become the awesome and confident nurse that you are. You got this!


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