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Do you have a caregiver story? I do!

I was a caregiver even before I became a nurse. My grandfather developed Alzheimer’s and his dementia onset was very early. We all took turns caring for his basic needs as his spirit slowly left his body. It became too much and we needed to hire some help.

When I got married, my grandmother-in-law needed care. We all took turns helping her as her bedridden state became a full-time job. It became too much and we needed to hire some help.

 Comfort Keepers

Being a caregiver is a 24/7 job that can be so physically and emotionally draining. It’s noble to help a loved one but it’s not necessary to take the full load on by yourself. You need help. Every caregiver needs help.

If you are entering a caregiver situation, whether is an aging family member or special needs adult – I have someone I want to introduce to you. Have you heard of Comfort Keepers?

Who are Comfort Keepers?

Meet this gentle loving company I discovered called Comfort Keepers.

Comfort Keepers is a leading provider of in-home care, offering customized services to meet the unique needs of seniors and other adults in need of assistance.

Since its founding in 1998, the network has grown to more than 600 franchised locations around the world by staying true to the founders’ goal of providing quality, caring in-home care services that allow clients the opportunity to age in place.

Caregiver & Comfort Keepers in 2021

Due to the pandemic, there are more seniors than ever that need assistance at home. In-home care is an industry that is in high demand and gives employees an opportunity to improve the lives of seniors and families.


 Comfort Keepers

What does Comfort Keepers do?

Comfort Keepers caregivers run errands, shop for groceries, provide companionship and personal care, and complete other tasks that help seniors stay at home to avoid illness. In addition to those things, caregivers help seniors stay connected to their loved ones and keep seniors engaged and active physically, mentally and socially.

It is a holistic and active approach to care that focuses on the mind and body, as well as the spiritual and emotional aspects of a client.

What’s the difference when you hire Comfort Keepers?

The difference between Comfort Keepers and other at-home caregiver companies is that they focus on “elevating the human spirit”. It’s not just about keeping seniors safe and well, but also helping them find happiness, comfort, laughter, and purpose in their lives.

Is Comfort Keepers Hiring?

Yes! Comfort Keepers is always looking for additional compassionate and responsible caregivers in many areas across the country to give seniors a sense of joy and a greater quality of life. The job is very rewarding on its own, but they also offer competitive pay, benefits training, and flexible schedules. For more information, visit ComfortKeepers.com.

For more information, visit ComfortKeepers.com.


 Comfort Keepers

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