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It’s like Amazon delivered something you didn’t even order! Another obstacle—packaged as that intimidating senior nurse.

OMG, why do the other nurses get out on time? Why do the senior nurses ask me so many questions in report? Why am I always falling behind? Does everyone else just “get it”? I have no idea what to do when a code is called. OMG, someones life is in my hands. I can’t ask for help, I’ll look dumb.
said every nurse I’ve ever precepted.

You need a Senior Nurse who supports you, helps you learn from her mistakes, & shares her best nurse tips with you.

After working with her—you know what to say & when to say it, how to look (& feel) confident, & understand common labs & tests.

Feeling confident, less anxious, & more in control of your work is possible… with the right guidance.

If you don’t have a supportive senior nurse at your hospital—what’s the next best option?

Hi, I’m Nurse Meg!

As I see new grads flood our floors, I realize Nurse Bullying is still, sadly, a very real thing. New nurses need a compassionate Senior Nurse to support them in those early years.

Nurses should Teach their young! New Nurses are bright, hopeful, ready-to-learn sponges who should be doused with knowledge & love—

Not wrung out & left all alone in the hot Florida sun.


The New Nurse Survival Guide

This is the New Nurse Resource for you, if you:

  • thrive with unconditional love & support (rainbows not included)
  • feel this deep sense of dread each day on your way to work 
  • could use a nurse schedule template to organize your shift
  • want to feel confident giving & initiating report
  • would love to build your confidence at work
  • have nightmares about being judged by Senior Nurses
  • just want to be a better nurse

Full Table of Contents for this Video Course!

  • Introduction to Course: How to Best Use the Information Provided
  • Module 1: How to be Confident in a Code
  • Module 2: Physical Assessment Skills, Head-to-Toe Assessment
  • Module 3: How to Communicate with the Drs
  • Module 4: CPR ACLS RQI 2020
  • Module 5: Managing Stress as a New Nurse
  • Module 6: Perfectly Your Skills | Foley’s & IVs
  • Module 7: Handling the “Gross Stuff” and more advice
  • Module 8: Dealing with Difficult Co-workers
  • Module 9: Making mistakes, Incident Reports, Etc.
  • Module 10: Further EKG Help
  • Communication Portion (Modules 11-17)
  • Intro to Communicating as a Nurse
  • Module 11: Initiating Report
  • Module 12: Courteous to the Next Shift, What they Won’t Tell You! 
  • Module 13: How to Give GREAT Report
  • Module 14: What the Doctors Want to Hear and What they Don’t
  • Module 15: Giving Report to Other Facilities
  • Module 16: Going on Break Report or Leaving the Floor
  • Module 17: Giving Report to Other Floors in Facility
  • Summary & Conclusions

“This course helped me with the basic stuff & to feel more confident talking to doctors & with the change of shift report!”
-Milly G, RN

This Nurse Survival Guide is jam packed. Take a look—

This survival guide includes—

→ Videos & Printouts for!
→ Access to the most supportive New Nurse FB Group

With this New Nurse Survival Guide tucked in your scrubs pocket you’ll—

  • Meet a Nice Senior Nurse—finally feel heard & supported
  • Stop feeling dumb just because you’re the new kid on the block
  • Notice a boost in your confidence—not just at work, but in your life
  • Feel comfortable talking to doctors—so you can do your job with ease
  • Learn how to initiate (& give the best) report—no more pre-shift anxiety
  • Discover how to handle making mistakes (because they’re going to happen)

“Anxiety is all too common as a new nurse and I think this is an excellent tool for anyone out there looking for practical tips to help you navigate the unit.”
-Hana A, RN

You could just roll the dice, cross your fingers, & hope the universe sends you a Nice Nurse Preceptor—

Possibly delaying your personal growth and growth as a new nurse.

And maybe spending your commute to & from your shift feeling dumb & sad.


You could get The New Nurse Survival Guide for $199 & guarantee you’ll be working with a Nice Senior Nurse.

A senior nurse who hundreds of new nurses already trust with their Baby Nurse hearts & minds.


+ How long do I have access to the course?

A: Lifetime access! New Nurses tell me all the time that they revisit this course to help their pre-shift anxiety, & for the confidence-boosting messages.

+ What’s included in the course?

A: So many new nurse resources! You have videos to watch or listen to, printouts for each section of the course, & there’s even a great FB group you can join us in!

+ Is there a refund?

A: At this time, there’s no refund for this course. But! You’ve got access to this Nice Senior Nurse—even after you start to feel your nurse confidence kick in! Keep me posted on your nursing journey—I love hearing how each of my students are doing!

When you purchase the New Nurse Survival Guide:

You’ll receive a Welcome email, login information, & have immediate access to The New Nurse Survival Guide.

It’s suggested that you bookmark the login page & download the ebook ASAP.

After that, you proceed with the course info at your own pace.