Nursing Clinicals

How To Prepare For Nursing Clinicals

Congratulations! Your first clinical rotation is almost here! You may be excited and maybe a little anxious about the first patient encounter you have ahead of you. It’s amazing to have the opportunity to explore the healthcare system and determine what aspect you like the most.

To assist you in getting ready for your first clinical rotation, I have made a few recommendations.

Nursing Clinicals

1. There Is Support Here For You

When you join the medical field as a clinical student, you will most likely find people who are ready to help – support from instructors, preceptors, and peers. At every stage, someone will be available to answer questions, give advice, assist and guide you through your journey. Always keep in mind that the nurses who work with you will be there to help you in any way they possibly can.


2. Take Some Time To Relax

Before attending your clinical place, aim to get eight hours of sleep and relax. Get to the clinical location fully rested and prepared. This way, you’ll be alert and able to absorb well the information you’ll learn.


3. Arrive On Time

First impressions are important! Do all you can to come at least one hour before the start of your session. It will certainly make you worry less. Your overall goal is to show timeliness, humility, and dedication to the post.

Here are a few suggestions for getting to the place right on time:

  • Sleep early the night before.
  • Give yourself enough time in the morning to prepare.
  • Start your day off with a relaxing morning routine (meal prep your meals in advance).
  • Leave early to prepare for traffic and ensure that you make it there on time.
  • Determine your destination correctly.
  • Consider allowing extra time for parking and going to the ward.


4. Make Use of Your Technological Capabilities

Free nursing student applications such as Medscape, Epocrates, MedCalc, ME EZ labs, QX Calculate, and Eponyms are great for personal and practice management. This app may be of interest to you.  You may use the “before and after” guides available on smartphones and tablets in the clinical environment. But make sure to follow the healthcare organization’s guidelines regarding cell/smartphone usage during placement.


5. Be Aware of Your Limits


This is important. Each institution has its peculiarities and every degree level in nursing has its specialities. You may use many techniques to determine whether a skill is within your capabilities as a student nurse.

Consider these points:

  • Am I familiar with this issue?
  • Is the information I have learned sufficient to allow me to accomplish these tasks?
  • Do I have confidence that I can carry out this assignment?
  • Have I witnessed this technique being done previously?

However, if you are unsure about any of these questions, it is perfectly OK.


6. Know That You Are Working With An Experienced, Fully Trained Clinician

Keep in mind that you are not alone in this path. You should see your clinical instructor as someone who will be available to answer questions, give advice, and assist you. Don’t hesitate to approach them. Clinical instructors want to engage and help you succeed.


7. Be Sure To Keep The Lines of Communication Open

A great deal of miscommunication may lead to many issues, including clinical incidents. It is very crucial that you have clear communication throughout your clinical placement. Always tell the nurse if you are uncertain about anything or nervous about performing a job.

That’s it for my tips. I’m excited for you on your nursing clinicals! Prepare everything, practice and take notes so that you can give the best care possible and feel confident in all of your skills. Comment below if you have any questions, future nurses!


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