How to Cope with Failing the NCLEX

How to Cope with Failing the NCLEX

The NCLEX (National Council Licensure Examination) is a challenging test that all nurses must pass in order to become licensed in the United States. Unfortunately, not everyone passes the NCLEX on their first attempt. If you have failed the NCLEX, it can be a difficult setback to come to terms with. However, it is important to remember that you are not alone and that there are ways to cope with failing the NCLEX. Here are some tips to help you cope with failing the NCLEX. 

1. Take a Moment to Grieve.

It is normal and healthy to take the time to grieve and process the disappointment of failing the NCLEX. Allow yourself to feel the emotions that come up, such as sadness and anger. Don’t be too hard on yourself.

2. Take a break.

It is natural to feel overwhelmed and discouraged after failing the NCLEX. Taking a break can help you to let go of your disappointment and refocus on your goal. Take a few days to clear your head and gather your thoughts.

3. Practice self-care.

Make sure to take time for yourself and practice self-care. Exercise, read a book, meditate, or do something else that relaxes you and makes you feel good. Taking care of yourself mentally and physically will help you stay focused and energized as you prepare for the NCLEX again.

4. Acknowledge your feelings.

It is important to express and acknowledge your feelings, such as disappointment, frustration, and sadness. Talk to a loved one or a trusted friend to help you process your emotions.

5. Reflect on what went wrong.

Analyze what went wrong and identify areas that need improvement. This will help you to create a plan of action for the next time you take the NCLEX.

6. Set a New Goal.

Re-framing the situation as an opportunity to set a new goal can help you stay motivated. Set a realistic timeline and create a plan of action to reach your goal.

7. Create a study plan.

Use the areas that need improvement to create a study plan that fits with your schedule and learning style. Make sure to include a variety of activities, such as practice questions, review sessions, and reading material.

8. Stay motivated.

It is important to focus on the positives and keep your eye on the prize. Remind yourself of why you want to become a nurse and the difference you can make in the lives of others.

9. Seek support.

Talk to other nurses who have gone through the same experience. They can provide valuable advice on how to cope with failing the NCLEX and can offer much-needed moral support.

10. Find an NCLEX Tutor.

A tutor can help you get back on track and stay on track with your studies. They can provide you with the one-on-one attention you need to understand the material and pass the exam.

This is one of the things I focus on in my NCLEX Study Program. I provide a daily study schedule so students stay on track when preparing for the exam. My program also includes bi-monthly coaching calls where they get tutoring & learn strategy LIVE on screen.

Failing the NCLEX can be a difficult experience, but it is not the end of the world. With dedication and hard work, you can pass the NCLEX and start your journey as a nurse.

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  1. Belkys Huot-Parraguez

    I took my Nclex back on December 09, 2023 didn’t pass. I received my CPR from the state. I saw your TikTok to send you for you to show me how to read it and understand what went wrong. Please help me

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