6 Myths About Nursing Profession

6 Myths About Nursing Profession

Nursing is an amazing career that delivers an essential service. We are responsible for our patients’ needs 24/7. Without nurses, health care would come to a standstill. When asked in a social context what our profession is, many of us feel somewhat embarrassed and respond with something like, “Oh, I’m just a nurse.”

This reaction might be the result of being aware of other people’s preconceptions and assumptions about nurses and nursing, as well as their legitimate unsaid criticisms. By discussing these myths, we may become more conscious of our reactions to them. It should also encourage us to take pride in who and what we are.

Myth #1: A nurse’s role is to carry out the directives of the doctor.

Many individuals still regard nurses as the doctor’s handmaiden, whose sole responsibility is to carry out the doctor’s orders. In reality, we are not! Nurses report to seniors who are themselves, nurses. The professional nurse is responsible for her patients’ nursing care on her own.

This comprises alerting the doctor if he has made an error that may have an impact on the patient’s well-being. Physicians and nurses collaborate as a team. The doctor relies heavily on the nurse’s assessments, actions, and comments about their patients.

Myth #2: Nursing Is A Low-Skilled Profession; Can Anyone Be A Nurse?

To begin with, in order to study nursing, one must have studied science and received a minimum grade in that area. Why? Before they can take on difficult core sciences in their study, nurses must first have a fundamental understanding of science ideas, namely health sciences, nursing sciences, and behavioral sciences. You must be disciplined in order to develop an optimal nursing care plan for patients.

Other roles, such as monitoring patients’ responses and offering support to doctors, necessitate that they have excellent clinical skills in their nursing vocation.

Myth #3: Nurses are compassionate angels.

In contrast to the foregoing, nurses are viewed as committed ministering angels with a “calling” to care for humans with boundless compassion and patience. This viewpoint is based on the fact that nursing originated in religious groups across the world. This misunderstanding persists in the industry today with nurses expected to work for less compensation than others in comparable positions. Nurses do highly skilled and high-pressure work for long hours, and frequently miss breaks in the interests of their patients. While nurses are recognized for putting the needs of their patients ahead of their own, nursing is now a job like any other. Nurses’ working circumstances, like those of any other employee, should be equitable.

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Myth #4 A nurse’s profession entails performing menial and filthy chores.

Few people outside of the profession are aware of the intricate and highly skilled jobs that nurses conduct on a daily basis, with many of them saving lives. The acts of the nurse, such as checking a patient’s blood pressure or changing an IV, may look insignificant. A spectator, on the other hand, will be unaware of the intellectual work connected with these activities, such as observation, appraisal, and problem-solving. This is the aspect of professional nursing that necessitates several years of focused education.

Misconceptions about nurses in the general population have a significant impact on the profession. They are at the root of many nursing challenges, including poor student recruitment, nurses quitting the field, and inadequate public financing to support appropriate staffing levels, particularly for registered nurses. Every nurse should assist to dispel these myths and express what and who a nurse is inside her social networks. Keep your head held high and be proud of your accomplishments!

Myth #5 There are far too many nurses in the area, and no one wants to hire them.

Nurses are in greater demand than ever before. Nursing employment is expected to expand by 15% from 2016 to 2026. There are around 3 million nurses employed in the United States now, with 439,300 positions predicted to be vacant by 2024. Countries such as Australia and Canada have a strong need for nurses and are ready to pay top dollar for ex-pat nurses. Even in Malaysia, there are many well-established and respected hospitals where nurses will find an excellent learning foundation and satisfying profession, such as Sunway Medical Hospital.

Myth #6 Nursing is purely theoretical.

If you believe that nursing school is only about attending courses and doing assignments, you are mistaken. Nursing school is unlike any other type of college or university experience. You are unlikely to spend hours in a lecture hall listening to your professors discuss. Instead, you will be able to attend a variety of practical workshops.

Furthermore, you will be assigned to several hospitals for clinical rotations during your study. It is critical that you become an active participant in your learning process in order to hone the necessary clinical skills and information. Prepare to roll up your sleeves and get to work!

Convinced yet?
Despite lengthy and odd hours, nursing is still a popular career. It is more than just a job; it is also a noble vocation. Great nurses have a strong drive to help and serve people in need. As well as a strong personal desire to work in a career that they regard as important and useful. It goes without saying that nurses must be psychologically and physically strong in order to adapt to life-or-death situations.

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