5 Qualities that all Great Nurses Share

Nurses are known for being caring to patients and it’s one quality that I’ll always be proud of, being one! What are other qualities that make nurses an invaluable force in the healthcare field? Let’s take a look at them!

Nurses are Compassionate.

Showing compassion to patients is a vital part of nursing care. Giving kind and encouraging words, listening to patients and even as simple as a friendly smile can go a long way in improving patients’ experience. It reduces stress and anxiety during what could be one of the most vulnerable times of a person’s life. If you’ve ever been hospitalized, I’m sure you’ll remember a moment when a nurse or hospital staff was compassionate to you. And if you do remember an instance, kudos to them!

Nurses are Good Communicators.

We know that communication is key to any kind of great relationship. In the nursing profession though, communication goes beyond exchanging feelings and thoughts. Being able to understand patients’ concerns and needs can impact the interventions or treatment given to them. That’s why interpersonal communication skills are important in nursing.

Nurses Have Empathy.

Empathy is another vital strength of great nurses. They see and understand patients’ viewpoints without judgment. Putting themselves in their shoes, to put it simply. Since we interact with people from diverse backgrounds and cultures on a daily basis, there are different ways situations are handled and great nurses understand this. Also, in times of pain and suffering, nurses do not need to feel them to ensure that patients’ feelings are valid and acknowledged. They are heard without judgment. 

Nurses Are Assertive 

Nurses are patient advocates and being able to express concerns not only for themselves but on behalf of patients shows how they can stand up for themselves and their patients’ rights. Of course, being assertive shouldn’t mean being aggressive. Nurses with this quality are constructive and ready to provide suggestions and solutions. This earns respect both from patients and colleagues.

Nurses Have Problem Solving Skills

Finally, all great nurses have problem solving skills. We interact with patients experiencing different illnesses and requiring different treatments. Great nurses are always focused on solving problems and individualizing the best care for their patients. Problem solving skills help in providing quality care and in making sound decisions when untoward incidents arise.

I’m sure there are more qualities that make up a great nurse! These are just five of them which I believe greatly contribute to positive patient experience and outcomes which is very important in our profession. What other qualities can you add to the list?


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